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Secure Plus

A feasable savings plan that also offers you high amount life insurance at an affordable price.

You love your family and you think about them in everything you do. This is why you work hard day and night to secure their future. But there are easier ways to make sure they always have a good life, no matter what happens. Secure Plus provides the help you need through:

  • Life cover up to US $2 million: Giving you and your family peace of mind for a long time to come
  • Flexible premiums: You choose how much to pay, calculated based on the target amount you want to save or on the regular payments you can afford
  • Protected savings: In the event of untimely death, your family gets back, at a minimum, the amount which you have contributed to date
  • Extra protection: You can add protection against total disability making sure your loved ones receive your savings when it matters most
  • Cash withdrawals: You can make partial withdrawals or take a loan out at any time you want   


It's important you understand what we offer at MetLife. We've pulled together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you.