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Each one of us has a unique life story. This is why we’ve designed different ways to help you get through challenges.

Life Insurance

  • Empowering you to fulfil temporary or long-term goals
  • An easier and simpler way to save for the future
  • Life cover up to US $10 million to protect your lifestyle

Accident and Health Insurance

  • Focus on your recovery and not your finances with affordable Accidental, Disability, Critical Illness and Hospitalization solutions.
  • Peace of mind with financial protection against accidents
  • Includes expenses not covered by medical insurance

Savings & Education

  • Life cover included to give you full protection
  • Opportunity to invest any amount, regardless of premium
  • Freedom to transfer your savings to your children

Retirement Planning

  • Savings plans to help you achieve the future you desire
  • Tailored to your personal aspirations
  • Premium set by you

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