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A combination of a life insurance and investment plan, designed to help you achieve specific aspirations for the future.

We only live once. And we know how much it would mean to you to be able to fulfill the dreams you and your family have. Whether it’s to watch your children graduate from the best universities or to build the perfect retirement home to grow old in, we can help you get there with:

  • Life cover up to US $5 million: For you to realize what you have in mind no matter what
  • Tailored to your goals: You tell us what your objective is and we’ll help you fund it
  • Flexible premiums: You choose how much to pay, calculated based on the target amount you want to save or on the regular payments you can afford
  • Protected savings: In the event of untimely death, your family gets back, at a minimum, by the face amount of your life insurance.
  • Extra protection: You can add protection against total disability making sure your loved ones receive your savings when it matters most


It's important you understand what we offer at MetLife. We've pulled together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you.