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Maintain your lifestyle no matter what

Bilal finished his studies when he was 22 years old and moved shortly after to Cotonou, Africa, to take over the business of his family. He restructured the business and it grew like never before. Just 4 years later, Bilal became one of the biggest business men in Africa. He dedicated his life to working, but when it came to his kids and family, they always came first. That’s why he built them a dream house back in their hometown in Lebanon. But in 2007, in the pool of that same dream house, Bilal slipped and hit his head. He woke up 8 months later from a coma in a hospital in Germany and was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But during his absence, nothing stopped, because Bilal had already planned for the worst with an accident and disability insurance that ensured the continued financial security of his family, the continued education of his children and the continued success of his business.