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Creative Ways to Make Money Outside of Your Day Job

An alternative source of income can mean extra money in your pockets — but it’s also a great way to nurture your hobbies and meet new people. If you’re looking for a creative outlet that can help supplement your work income, try one of these ideas:

1. Give private tutoring lessons 

One of the great things about being Lebanese is that we speak more than one language – so why not teach one? If languages are not your strong suit, you can always teach other subjects such as physics or math. This can be a great source of flexible extra income. You can give lessons in one or two-hour increments and according to your own schedule.You can even teach online via Skype as well.

2. Start a side business

Whether you love painting or baking, let your friends, neighbors and coworkers know. You can make a name for yourself by showcasing what you do at birthday parties, bridal or baby showers and office parties and events. Create a business name and some business cards, along with a website and social media pages to share images of what you do and the type of work you’re available for. Ask others to help spread the word and accept paid orders based on your availability.

3. Share Your Expertise Online

Are you a trained singer or dancer, a passionate artist or fitness expert? Try showcasing your talents on YouTube. To build a following on YouTube, you’ll need a personal or business channel, where you can upload videos, respond to comments and create playlists. If videos are not your thing, try creating eBooks or online courses and sell them through your website or third-party platforms like Amazon and the Apple iTunes store.

 4. Become a freelance writer or designer

There are many freelancing opportunities available for writers and designers if you’re willing to take some time to look for them. Try creating a free profile on websites that connect clients to freelance work around the globe. With a little creativity and enterprise, you can earn a decent side income, apart from your day job.

Now that you have the extra cash, what will you do with it?

Got a specific goal in mind? Maybe a dream house to build one day?Or an education for your children abroad? Whatever your aspirations are, you can invest in them with the right savings plan. And if your dreams can’t wait, you can always be one step ahead with loans and credits insurance. To know more, contact us and one of our experts will get in touch with you to tailor a plan adapted to your needs.