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I care

Financial support for children protecting their education against accident and sickness as well as death of parents.

What’s more important to you in this world than your child’s future? We know you’re always trying to find ways to protect their interests, especially when you’ll no longer be around to do it yourself. I Care is the solution you need, ensuring your child continues his or her education, no matter what happens. Here’s how you can count on us:

  • Protected education: If something were to happen to you, we’ll make sure all your child’s school fees are paid for until they reach the age of 21 with a minimum guaranteed period of 10 years
  • Comprehensive support services: If needed, we’ll even cover private tutoring, as well as psychological support
  • Daily in-hospital income: To help with your child’s medical bills in the event of critical illness, as well as broken bones
  • Extra benefits: You can add the option to give your child back the amount which you have contributed to date in the event of death or disability to you or your spouse



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