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Critical Care

A health insurance plan covering you against specific diseases from cancer to coronary heart disease.

You take a lot after your family, whether it’s your curly hair, dimple on the right cheek, or athletic ability. But that’s not all – diseases also run in families. If you know you’re prone to a specific medical condition, we’ve developed a special plan that makes sure you get the right care the moment you need it. We’ll be at your side with:

  • Lump sum payment: Up to US $500,000 paid immediately upon diagnosis of any covered 32 critical illnesses
  • Worldwide coverage: Giving you the assistance you need even if you move to another country
  • Telemedicine and e-consultancy through World Care International: Access to free expert care from world-renowned medical centers in the US specializing in your condition
  • Four plans to choose from: Cancer only, Coronary only, Cancer and Coronary, and Full Coverage

How Benefits Make a Difference in Real People’s Lives

Caroline, a mother of 2 with a family history of cancer, says seeing her sister’s experience, taught her how hard a cancer diagnosis can be on a family, both emotionally and financially. Her coverage helped her focus on her recovery – not her next paycheck.

We wanted to reveal her story that filled us with hope and strength to continue navigating life together.



It's important you understand what we offer at MetLife. We've pulled together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you.