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Become an Insurance Consultant

It's time to change your life and create a new future as a MetLife Insurance Consultant . Be the owner of your time and use your creativity to find and generate a successful business.

We believe in the value of people and know that Life Insurance and Accident & Health Insurance is MetLife's greatest asset. They will only have to develop their potential because training and an extension support network are provided by us.

Do not miss this opportunity. Invest in yourself!

Become a MetLife Life and Accident & Health Insurance Consultant:

Make a difference in your life and take the reins of your own success


We are looking for...

Individuals who want to evolve

in their career, have new challenges and progress as professionals.


Enterprising people

Wanting to succeed with their own business: Business-minded people who want more financial freedom and owners of their time


Who want to secure their future

As an consultant with a Life and Accident & Health insurance portfolio that provides you with ongoing income: Income that increases with work and effort and that accumulates and grows over time.


Partners with determination

With discipline and ambition to evolve


Able to close new contracts

With the ability to negotiate, constancy, determination and ease in creating relationships.


People who want to help

Want to help families be protected and make them feel safer


As an Inssurance Consultant, you’re helping people navigate life’s challenges and at the same time taking a leap forward towards your dreams.

Along with your overall professional development, we provide an environment to enhance your work-life balance and nurture success.

And the definition of success is not set by others, but you. 

Benefits of being an Insurance Consultant:

Financial Support During Startup Year


Professional Credibility


Financial Independence


Better Work-Life Balance


Networking Opportunities


Enhanced Earning Potential


All-Round Development


Accelerated Career Growth


Recognition & Accolades


Rewards & Accolades

Our top performing Career Consultants get a chance to shine at various international award forums, interact with the senior leadership team and share their best practices.

Persevere and you will reach the pinnacle of success: become an MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) qualifier













Traits of a successful Insurance Consultant:

  • Passionate about helping people
  • Self - Motivated
  • Disciplined & Perseverant
  • Good listener
  • Keen business acumen
  • Embracing change