If you want to take control of your investments, Gemstone fits the bill. It puts investment decisions firmly in your hands, so you can select strategies that reflect your appetite for risk and your goals. It also offers you the flexibility to grab opportunities and react to changes. You can get your money to work for you, the way you want it to.

Product Overview

  • A flexible, affordable plan with a choice of investment strategies to match your attitude to risk

  • Switch between different strategies as often as you please

  • Can help you plan for everything from your child’s education to your retirement

  • If you have surplus cash you can add to your current payments, starting from as low as $200 a month

  • You can withdraw money or take out a loan to tide you over any financial hiccup

Surrender values 
You can surrender your plan for its net cash value at anytime, though a charge may apply. However if you want to receive the maximum benefits from your plan your investments will need time to grow.

Partial withdrawals 
Withdrawals can be made at anytime after you’ve invested in Gemstone for a year. Partial surrender of your plan’s value can be made from this date, too. 

Loans of up to 80% of the net surrender value of your plan are available and may be a useful alternative to surrendering your Gemstone policy. You can apply for a loan three years after opening your plan. The minimum amount you can borrow is $500.

The minimum age is one month and the maximum age is 85 years

US Dollar

Premium modes 
Annually, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly. You can make additional payments whenever you wish.

Minimum premium and deposit 
Minimum deposit $200 per month. Minimum premium depends on how often you invest in Gemstone.

Male and Female

Subject to policy terms and conditions. The Investment Account earnings will fluctuate up or down and principal and investment returns are not guaranteed.

Saving for your future

Saving for your future

Individual Products

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