Advantage Plus

Life is full of surprises and we have just the plans to help you meet every one of them head on. To meet your need for higher coverage combined with greater flexibility, we have designed an enhanced version of Advantage called "Advantage Plus".

Product Overview

  • A combination of life insurance and investment with focus on both components

  • Life cover of up to $ 10 million

  • This plan can be tailored to suit your goals - be it to fund you child's education, your retirement or even the purchase of your dream home

  • You can vary the premiums to suit your budget - The premium can be calculated such that it achieves a target amount or it can be fixed based on the regular outflow you can afford

  • You can also pay any amount into your plan that is over and above the premium beginning from the first year. There are no limitations whatsoever. This amount will be invested in line with your chosen strategy.

  • You have the facility to make partial withdrawals and loans in order to meet temporary financial difficulties

  • In the event of your untimely death you will always, at a minimum, get back the amount which you have contributed to date

  • You can add protection against total disability or death so your loved ones receive the full benefit of your savings

Policy Loans 
You can borrow up to 80% of the cash value of your plan after the end of the second policy year.

Minimum age 1 month, maximum age 65 years. There is a maximum maturity age of 85 years.

US Dollar

Male and Female

Subject to policy terms and conditions. . The Investment Account earnings will fluctuate up or down and principal and investment returns are not guaranteed.

Saving for your future

Saving for your future

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