Safe Road

Life has many uncertainties and it makes sense to protect your loved ones as best as you can. MetLife Alico's Safe Road is a simple, yet affordable accident insurance plan that offers you and your family peace of mind With this plan, should you meet with an accident, you will have the financial strength to recover.

Product Overview

  • Comprehensive plan that covers loss of life as well as dismemberment, loss of sight, hearing or speech due to an accident
  • A total benefit of up to $100,000 for dismemberment, loss of sight, hearing and speech indemnity
  • Provides reimbursement against medical expenses such as hospital room & board charges, nursing & surgical charges, physician’s office / clinic visits, prescription medicines, physiotherapy and medical equipment.
  • This plan also offers additional medical expense reimbursement for plastic or cosmetic surgery
  • Immediate payment of a lump sum of $ 100,000 if death results from injuries sustained in an accident



Minimum age is 1 month and maximum is 70 years.

US Dollar

Minimum and Maximum Amounts 
Minimum premium amount is $99
Minimum benefit amount is $5,000.
Maximum benefit amount is $100,000.

Male and Female

Premium Modes 

Subject to policy terms and conditions

Income if you are unable to work

Income if you are unable to work

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