Savings and Protection

Here you will find a series of stories which show how our products have helped others

Support during medical emergencies

Support during medical emergencies

Shafiq wants to make sure that his employees have the necessary financial support in case of a medical emergency.
Importance of employee benefits

The importance of employee benefits

Massoud understands the importance of Life and Medical insurance benefits in designing compensation packages for employees
Saving for your future

Insure your future

Dany knows that he could not have completed his education without timely financial support
Mortgage protection for your home

Mortgage protection for your home

The mortgage insurance taken by her husband helped Leila cope with the financial impact of his disability.
Insure your lifestyle

Insure your lifestyle

Samir could count on his insurance to protect him from the immediate financial impact of not having a regular income.
solutions for corporates

Solutions for corporates

Individual Products

Our products for individuals

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