School Tuition Protection Plan

For many years now, schools have assumed a prominent position within the Lebanese educational landscape. Parents manage their expenses very carefully to be able to afford a particular school’s tuition.  

Unfortunately, if a parent or legal guardian dies while the student is still at school, the financial loss may be too much for the surviving parent or guardian.

As education becomes an even more important element in today’s society, having this kind of protection helps ease the minds of those who pay for their children’s private education.

Product Overview

The School Tuition Protection Plan (TPP) is a program dedicated to schools:

  • This plan covers the life of the parent or legal guardian of students.
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of a parent or guardian, the proceeds will cover the tuition cost for the student, till he or she graduates
  • All students registered in the school benefit from this plan
  • In cases of death or permanent total disability due to an accident, illness or acts of terrorism, the plan guarantees the tuition cost for the students until graduation
  • This plan is available to your school at an affordable and very competitive group rate.

This plan is available for schools. All students registered in the school are automatically enrolled in the plan, provided the parent or legal guardian is below the age of 60.

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